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July 11, 2013
Identification of small CD44-Neg Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells from Human Bone Marrow

April 30, 2013
Marasco speaking at PEGS Conference, Boston, MA

April 11-13, 2013
Marasco to participate at the Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conf.

Feb 11, 2013
Marasco appointed Principal Faculty at Harvard Stem Cell Institute


Launch of Humanized Mouse Program

The Marasco Lab Humanized Mouse Program is open to the research community
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Project Highlight: Cancer Immunotherapy: Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL)

Human anti-CCR4+ monoclonal antibody mAb2-3 has multifunctional roles.

  1. Blocks CCR4+ regulatory T cell (Treg) chemotactic migration to the tumor
  2. Blocks Treg suppression of tumor localized effector T cells (Teff)
  3. Promotes CCR4+ Teff activation and proliferation
  4. Kills CTCL tumor cells by antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC)